Top-Quality Permanent Makeup Services
If you're tired of putting on make-up and constantly having to check yourself in the mirror then this is the place for you. Permanent make-up is a great alternative to the daily hassle we go through. Forget about your worries with an option that doesn't steal your time and lasts a few months.

Eyebrows? Lips? Eyeliner?
What will it be?
About Me
As the visionary behind Eyebrow Girl Studio, Holly Timchenko brings more to the table than just some permanent make-up services. With international training and the guidance of industry-leading professionals, her services are top-notch quality.
She is fully licensed, up-to-date with the highest accreditation, and is passionate about her craft.

Holly has over 3 years of experience and provides the kind of service that every client is satisfied with. With her dedication to administering a flawless look, the result is flattering, unique, and natural.
Need a permanent eyebrow improvement?

Powder brows is the perfect option to achieve a soft and natural look. Misty powder-filled brows have eyebrows tails that are darker and fade into light, giving the best ombre makeup effect.

$650 (touch up $150)
The Shaded Eyeliner service provides a subtle shaded pencil look that accentuates and corrects the natural shape of the eyes. It gives the appearance of uplifted eyes.

From a smokey liner to subtle lash enhancements with the softest shading on top, this procedure can be tailored to create many desired effects. Results vary as the service is customized to achieve each client's individual needs.

$650 (touch up $150)
With Lip Blush, you can enhance the natural beauty of the lips by improving the lip contour, definition, and color.

The enhancement lasts 1-3 years leaving you worry-free for a while.

$500 ( touch up $150)
Educational Expert Training
Become an expert yourself with the Powder Brows Basic Course and receive vital and valuable knowledge about SKIN and how you can do, what I do.

Get hands-on practice where you learn the techniques with me by your side for guidance and corrections. This is what prepares you and ensures your readiness to work on clients! Upon completing the course, you will receive a certificate and can begin working for yourself.
With over 3 years of experience and tons of training, you can expect satisfactory results like these.

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Why book with Eyebrow Girl Studio?
Studio & Equipment
The studio is immaculate with extra attention to cleanliness. Equipment is sterilized after each use. Any additional tools are individually packaged, single-use, disposable, and discarded safely afterward. The station is thoroughly disinfected before and after each procedure.
Enjoy the luxury of a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Our goal is for you to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible from the moment you walk into the very end of your service. This studio arrangement allows for a gratifying experience overall.
The materials used at Eyebrow Girl Studio are first and foremost safe. Quality and grade are the pride of each service provided. Anything used contains no heavy metals or any toxic additives. We administer only the safest application procedures of permanent makeup. The materials are the same ones utilized by the most experienced and talented specialists around the globe.
The main objective at Eyebrow Girl Studio is to address any needs you have as well as all your concerns. Your satisfaction is the top priority. Check out the reviews from happy clients who can confirm our superior results time and time again. We provide more than just a service; we cultivate a trusting relationship with YOU at the forefront.
Pre-care instruction
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